How can this not affect my taxes?

The District has worked very hard at eliminating debt.  Having become debt free in May of 2015 the District has funding available that previously went to debt reduction.  The District has also spent millions of dollars over the past ten years to reduce natural gas and electricity usage.  Having reduced both in half, that substantial savings can be applied to Oriole Park.  The District functions well with significantly less support staff (custodians, aides, secretaries) than previous years and has maintained overall employee benefit expenditures.  All these cost reductions have allowed the District to be financially able to complete a project like this without any additional tax dollars.

What if you run out of money?

The project was divided into phases which the District believes can be completed each year.  Phases I and II (track/football) go together and must be completed.  Phases III, and IV (softball/baseball/parking) will not be completed if funds are not available.  Phase I funds have already been allocated and the District is currently ahead of financial projections.  Phase II funds are already available in the 2015-16 budget.

Why are we doing this?

The school board considered a variety of projects.  The school board asked the community for input at three community meetings which were posted in The Republican.  At each meeting, this is the plan which was widely proposed and supported.

How are we going to maintain the facility?

The school board is committed to funding future maintenance expenditures. A fund will be set up in the near future for the specific purpose of providing for repaving the track and replacing the turf when necessary.

“This on-campus, multi-use facility project compliments Stanley-Boyd Area School's concentrated efforts in the classroom to provide a well-rounded educational experience in a sound manner.”