Project Overview

Phase I – Summer of 2015

1.       Earthwork:  General shaping of all fields.

2.       Track: All completed except final layer.

3.       Track Throwing Events: Completed.

4.       Football Field: Rocked and ready for Turf.

5.       Giant retaining wall: Completed.

6.       Surrounding Areas:  Seeded.

7.       Walkway:  Walkway from school completed.                              

Phase II – Summer of 2016

1.       Plaza:  Area on football/track side completed.

2.       Concession Stand: Completed.

3.       Ticket Booths: Completed.

4.       Press Box: Completed.

5.       Bleachers: Completed.

Phase III – Summer of 2017

1.       Parking Lot: Completed

2.       Plaza: Completed.

3.       Track: Final Coating Applied.

Phase IV – Summer of 2018

1.       Baseball: Completed

2.       Softball: Completed.

“This on-campus, multi-use facility project compliments Stanley-Boyd Area School's concentrated efforts in the classroom to provide a well-rounded educational experience in a sound manner.”